A statement about welcoming the demands of the International Commission of Inquiry for the Syrian regime to reveal the fate of the detainees


The International Committee of Inquiry on Syria issued a statement demanding the Syrian regime to reveal the fate of the missing and the detainees in the regime's prisons 

The Syrian Interim Government welcomes the statement and praises the efforts of the Committee in this context and praises the international legal organizations Which attach importance to the file of the detainees because of its special and complex humanitarian nature 

For more than ten years, the criminal regime has been arresting hundreds of thousands of the sons of Syria in its prisons; they are experiencing the worst conditions and the most brutal methods of torture and grave violations are practiced against them. The leaks of Caesar's photos were an example of the state of hell that detainees are experiencing in the prisons of this criminal regime 

The Syrian Interim Government has been doing a great endeavor about the detainees' file for a long time and coordinating with all sides including the International Commission of Inquiry, the Human Rights Council, and others to make pressure on the regime in order to release the detainees and reveal the fate of the missing and forcibly disappeared. We confirm that we are going on with our efforts until positive results are achieved to end the sufferings of the detainees and rejoice the hearts of their relatives 

We also seek to implement justice by finding a judicial mechanism to hold the regime and its cronies accountable for all the crimes they committed against our people, including enforced disappearances and torture, as they constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity, which cannot fall by amnesty or statute of limitations

Syrian Interim Government

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