Statement on Terrorist Attacks in Liberated Areas


Terrorist forces once again carried out many dirty terrorist attacks targeting innocent civilians in Afrin and Azaz, which led to the fall of dozens of martyrs and wounded, most of them women and children. They also targeted a National Army checkpoint near the city of Al-Bab, which led to the fall of six martyrs from the checkpoint members who were carrying out their duty to search the vehicles.

It has become clear that the liberated areas are a target for all the forces hostile to the Syrian revolution (the terrorist SDF militia, the Syrian regime, the Iranian terrorist militias, and other terrorist militias) that met for one goal of killing the public life in the liberated areas in order to destroy, overthrow and thwart the institutions of the revolution. 

We are fully aware that this fierce attack, which is being waged through committing war crimes and crimes against humanity, aims to send messages to the international community that the liberated areas are a hotbed of chaos and instability. 

These messages, which are mixed with the blood of our sons and heroes, are sent by evil forces to distort the achievements and capabilities of these people in managing their areas and building their institutions. Therefore, the international community is required today to stand with the innocent Syrians and stop the cycle of killing and violence by curbing terrorist forces, stopping their support and preventing them from continuing with this criminal approach and pushing for an immediate political transition in Syria to stop the tragedy. 

Free Syrians, we are all facing a fierce, cruel and immoral attack by all the hostile forces that have devoted logistical financial capabilities to wage this attack, and all of us, including citizens, security forces, National Army, and community actors, especially the institutions of the Syrian revolution primarily the SIG and National  

Coalition, to stand together and do every possible effort to defend life in our areas against terrorist forces and their mercenaries who spread death. 

We also extend our deepest condolences to our free and steadfast Syrian people for this tragedy, especially to the children of the martyrs and their families for this horrible tragedy. We also extend our deepest condolences to the Second Corps - the Hamza Division – for the hero martyrs, and we extend our highest terms of appreciation for the sacrifices they made today after sacrificing their lives for the sake of protecting civilians and foiling the arrival of the car bomb to its target among civilians in the city of al-Bab.

Syrian Interim Government

للاطلاع على البيان أضغط هنا

الدائرة الإعلامية في الحكومة السورية المؤقتة


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